You can’t put a price on security but you can put prevention measures in place with the biggest deterrent to unwanted visitors with CCTV. By adding CCTV installation at your commercial property, or a residential CCTV system at your home, you can feel safe and secure that you have constant uninterrupted footage of your property surroundings to keep an eye on unwanted guests and suspicious visitors around the clock.

With over 10 years in the business, we have the CCTV solutions you need to guarantee ongoing security with custom video surveillance measures to strategically warn potential intruders and capture everything in the case of an incident occurring.

CCTV Installation

As experts in the field of CCTV, we will plan and execute a CCTV system to ensure the more vulnerable sections of your property’s exterior are backed up with a professionally installed surveillance system.

Commercial CCTV Cameras

Keep track of who is coming and going, after-hours visitors and visiting business associates with commercial CCTV. Protect sensitive data, private documents and expensive hardware with the threat of security cameras and show your property is protected.  Automatic number plate recognition cameras that will record the licence plates of vehicles with a photo and video clip, this saves you need to troll though footage to see how has come onto your property.

Home CCTV Security

Every home in New Zealand craves the peace of mind you and your family deserve. Invest in CCTV and feel the safety net of security for your residential property. Prevent burglaries, car theft and bring down your insurance premiums with the addition of home CCTV cameras from Integrated Security Services.  Using our higher specification cameras and recorders allows you to to detect intruders on your property with very low false alarms, with an notification sent to your smart phone.  Two way audio is also an option, also is an integrated door bell. 

What is CCTV?

CCTV refers to equipment that enables the transmission of video signals in a private network. In New Zealand, this type of technology is mostly used to monitor properties and prevent crime. From small-scale units to larger-scale CCTV systems, the use of surveillance security is growing in popularity. It can be used anywhere, from home settings to commercial areas such as schools, office buildings and event venues.

What product is best?

We do not install Hikvision, HiLook, Swan, or Dahua cameras systems as the security is not good enough.  These cameras have now been banned from Government departments in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.  We only install high quality but affordable product, purchased from reputable importers in New Zealand.

Can my cameras be wireless?

Typically all cameras we install are cabled with network cable, however from time to time we do need to use wiresless systems due to installation site, for example a depot with no provisions to run network cable.

Can my automatically record all the numbers of cars that come in gate?

Yes ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)  cameras do this automatically day and night.  They supports blacklist and whitelist configuration, so you can easily find vehicles that you would not normally expect to be visiting.  Collaborates with lanes to control the entry & exit of vehicles and trigger gate opening.  Reporting function from your smart phone or LCD screen.  You do not need to trawl though hours of footage to see how has been though your gateway.

Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera

Door Bell Camera

Active Deterrent Camera

Smartphone app

Most cameras are internet connected allowing you to see the cameras from your smart phone.

Customers include,  Jewellerys, Dairy Farms, Take Aways, Large Warehouses, Storage Lockups, Play Centres, Domestic Homes, Cowshed, Farms, Workshops.

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