We install security systems that are fully customisable to suit nearly any requirement from a small three zone home unit to a large 40 zone commerical alarm.  A massive range of options and add ons including smartphone applications to fully control your security alarm and get notifications back to your smartphone  anywhere you have a data connection.  

The alarm systems that we install are so customisable that there are endless possibilities of options and add on modules to do so much more with them.

Using your smartphone, you can remotely:

​Two Alarms for the price of one

The alarm can  be setup in a way that allows the system too be operated as two separate alarms. An example of this is when the main alarm panel is set up at the House or Office with multiple sensors and keypads like a normal system, then we add wireless keypad and wireless sensors in the out building or workshop. The alarm can be armed disarmed from each end or users can be set up so they can only arm of disarm areas they are allowed to be in. Separate codes can be set up for different users. The possibilities are endless. Give us a call to discuss further in detail.  In commerical installation you can have many different areas, eg different buildings.

Smart Device addon

The alarm can have an Internet of Things device. ​By adding the IOT smartphone application you can unlock the full potential of one of these systems

By adding the smartphone application you can unlock the full potential of one of these systems. :

Hand Held Remotes/ Pendants

We can provide an expansion module which allows for adding multiple remotes that can be used to arm and disarm the alarm. We can also add control over your existing garage door so you have one remote to arm/dis-arm alarm and open close your garage door. No more messing around with multiple remotes and or rushing to enter in alarm code before alarm goes off.

Additional Sensors, Keypads, sirens outdoor detection 

A large range of wired and wireless options are available for multiple sensors, keypads, sirens, gateway alerts and much much more. Control relays can be added to provide even further control with the phone app to control gates, automatic doors or even lights.

Stay Arming:

Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to protecting yourself from burglary but if you can put as many obstacles in an intruders way as possible then the chances are they are going to take the easy road and pick the next property down the street.  If you have a screaming siren going off then a burglar is not likely to get a chance to go through all of your house and hopefully will be scared off.


A well designed security alarm will allow you to access all the parts of the house you require during the night but keep all the vulnerable areas locked down using part arm programming. Panic alarms can be set off from carefully positioned keypads or panic buttons in bedrooms.

​These panics can be setup to be silent and ring a neighbor or friend or they can be set to call the police or fire service directly if you elect to go with a monitored system. 

Alarm Monitoring

We can provide 24hr 7 day a week alarm monitoring of your alarm.  We can call a number of key people to advise them of the alarm activation and if required a guard can be sent.