Servicing the Manawatu and surrounding areas.

On Farm Telemetry
  • Weather Station, Air temperature, wind speed/direction, rainfall, humidity and barometric pressure.
  • Evapotranspiration Calculations, Weather sensors combined with solar radiation gives ability to calculate ET (also known as PET)
  • Soil Moisture and Temperature Monitoring, Several types of sensors available including Aquaflex and Acclima.
  • Flow/Water Meters, Instantaneous flow rate readings along with accumulated totals. Automated transfer to councils for consent monitoring/reporting.
  • Pump Monitoring and Control, Monitoring of pump status, pipe pressure and power status. Automated and/or remote control of pumps.
  • Effluent Irrigator Monitoring and Failsafe, GPS tracking, pipe pressure monitoring (at irrigator) of travelling and pod based effluent irrigators. Automated failsafe control with remote start/stop. Options for pivot and laterals available.
  • Well and Pond Depth, Monitoring of well/bore/pond/reservoir depth using submersible pressure sensor.
  • Milk Vats, Milk vat, plate cooler and hot wash temperature monitoring plus vat stirrer and outlet tap monitoring with customisable automated alarms.
  • Feed Silos, Feed silo level monitoring with customisable automated alarms.
We have installed Harvest Systems on many farms in the lower North Island on farms and for District Councils for Sewer monitoring.  If you want a no fuss system that works as you hoped, and also delivers useful reports to your computer, tablet or phone a call on Mike 021 446800 or email me from the home page.

Harvest Electronics in the Dairy Industry

Effluent Monitoring

Effluent Monitoring