Parabeam Gateway Alert

Take the guess work out of knowing when visitors arrive on your property.

Parabeam® automatically alerts you whenever persons or vehicles pass through its precise detection beam.
Thanks to robust design features, almost entirely eliminating false alarms, you're unlikely to be woken at night unnecessarily.

  • Beam range 40m
  • Infrared
  • Solar powered
  • Wireless
  • Weather proof
  • Insect/Ant proof
  • Discreet
Base Receiver
  • Emits audible beep when beam is broken
  • Range 300m + (depending on topography)
  • Range can be extended to 3km with MEGAbeam Extended Range Antenna*
  • Alerts can be relayed to a pager* or mobile phone as a text *
*optional extras - sold separately


  • 1km Operating Range
  • Two-way Radio Supervision
  • Onboard Diagnostics, displayed on Base Receiver
  • Small, Discreet Beam Units (only 4.8cm wide)
  • Able to Forward Alerts as Text Message*
  • Able to Forward Alerts to Long-range POCSAG Pager*
* Extra Devices Sold Seperately
The new Parabeam® 700-FSK driveway alert system utilises Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) technology, enabling amazingly long ranges. When we field tested this new model, we achieved distances greater than 1.6km between the Beam-set and Base Receiver through direct line-of-sight.
Even over the roughest forest-covered terrain, the 700-FSK continues to operate smoothly, even when the Beam-set is 300m from the Base Receiver.

Price   $649.00 including GST plus installation if required.