ATV Mounted Grass Meter

The Feed Reader is a GPS enabled ATV mounted high speed Grass Reader.

Feeed Reader

  1. High Speed - 18Kph, approx 120-180ha an hour
  2. Auto paddock locate - GPS map required
  3. Auto Speed enforcement
  4. Auto Paddock save
  5. No Need to stop when going from paddock to paddock
  6. Can cross fenced if farm setup for it, eg Pivots
  7. Wireless data transport to computer
  8. Includes Computer software for Feed Wedge and maps (if required).
  9. Suitable for Flat farms
  10. On Farm training and installation
  11. Internet enabled, cover data is sent directly to website for off farm viewing.

Feed Reader

Pricing starts at $5000 + GST,  Includes NZ installation

Call for more information   021 446800