Phoenix Grazing

$500 + GST

The aim of Phoenix Grazing is to establish and quantify your current grazing system while providing trends and indicators for the future. From this information can be gleaned key attributes that will aid in the decision making process of ‘if’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ to modify in your current system to make it more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

In addition to assisting profitability it will also aid in monitoring land management practices for a more sustainable grazing operation.

With 5 Minutes* a Month You Can: 
  • Ascertain the key attributes to grazing performance 
  • Use industry standards to quantify performance: DSE, LSU, MJ/day, /Ha, /100mm, etc.
  • Quantify pasture productivity 
  • Determine cause and effects in your grazing system
  • Identify grazing rotations factoring for paddock recovery periods 
  • Establish performance benchmarks
  • Calculate carrying capacity for various climatic conditions 
  • Help with stocking schedules

All While: 
  • Tracking livestock numbers 
  • Recording livestock movements
  • Producing livestock reconciliation reports 
  • Monitoring weather data
  • Plus much, much more! 
It Could Not Be Easier!

The Phoenix Grazing module integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix Mapping module to see a graphical view of the Grazing Productivity Grazing Recovery and Grazing Intensity reports.

* 5 minutes a month is based on an experienced user with a typical non intensive grazing operation