Phoenix Cropping

$500 + GST
In the past, cropping and land use management has been a complex and time consuming task. Phoenix Cropping takes a giant step towards fast and simple recording of day-to-day paddock and cropping activities. Now you can start producing valuable historical information and detailed production reports faster than ever. 

Using the AGDATA ‘One-Step’ feature, all transactions and activity details are recorded once only. This information is then available to all other Phoenix modules through seamless integration. At the end of the day you will spend less time at the computer.

Extensive features: 

  • Manage by paddock/sub-paddock
  • Track withholding periods with warnings
  • Season management grouping
  • Machinery maintenance log with schedules
  • Complete Inventory system for Chemicals, Fertilisers, Produce, Water, etc.
  • Share farming capabilities
  • Auto-create Cropping Plans with projected Gross Margins, Break Even Yield & Break Even Price
  • Record professional recommendations
  • Auto-created Worksheets
  • Track soil, water, leaf tests
  • Schedule activities with due dates
  • Key profitability reporting
  • Apply multiple products in a single activity entry
  • Extensive efficiency reporting
  • Track employees and contractors at an activity level
  • Complete Income & Expense reporting
  • Water use efficiency calculations and reporting
  • Water harvesting reporting
  • Complete produce traceability
  • QA reporting
  • Dedicated produce storage management
  • Integration with other Phoenix products
  • Auto calculate crop growth stages
  • Free Weather module
  • Track Cropping Licensing
  • Free Live Updates