Phoenix Mapping

  $500 + GST

Unlimited Access to High Quality Satellite Imagery*** 

Take control of your property development planning through the use of a sophisticated yet simple to use farm mapping software that provides unparalleled capabilities. Phoenix Mapping has been specifically designed for agriculture to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements of primary producers.

Mapping Demo Video

The Basics
  • Map existing property features and assets
  • Simple point and click drawing function
  • Auto calculate areas and distances
  • Have an unlimited number of layers per project
  • Spatial data library that gives instant access to an extensive range of existing maps for your area***
  • Create unlimited number of projects
  • Share layers between projects
  • Attach notes and photos to map features
  • Create centre pivot irrigation areas
  • Supports both UTM and Geographic coordinate systems
  • Create custom data fields
  • Create Wall Charts
  • Ease of use – anyone can do it
  • Unlimited access to imagery for anywhere in the world***
  • Import aerial photos and satellite images
  • Supports imagery from both private and government providers
  • Large number of file formats supported
  • Supports orthorectified imagery files
  • Ability to set the Channels for multi band imagery
  • Supports many government datasets – in many instances, the only private sector company to do so
  • Ability to import and export layers to and from other GIS mapping systems
  • Supports the common file formats for imagery distributed by both private and government providers
  • Direct import of Land Resources Data
  • GPS handheld units
  • Import track and swath files from auto guidance equipment
  • Import files from aerial operators
  • Integrates with the other Phoenix modules
Land Management
  • Create monitoring points and attach photos and record notes
  • Auto create grazing pressure zones based off distance to water
  • Import Land Types layers
  • Import Contour maps
  • Grazing Pressure Zones reports factoring for land types
  • Import stream and wetlands data
  • Create ‘what if’ property plans
  • Sub-division planning tool
  • Auto create grazing pressure zones based off distance to water
  • Plot Points utility for creating map features with absolute accuracy
  • Drag-n-drop property layout planning tool
  • Customise printing utility
  • Exchange layers between projects
  • Calculate materials required
  • Create buffers and stand-offs
  • Upload and download to and from handheld GPS units
  • Supports waypoints, routes and tracks
  • Ability to plot GPS data directly onto your map
  • Ability to upload specific map features to the GPS
  • Import track and swath files from auto guidance equipment
  • Import files from aerial operators
  • Dedicated Garmin interface
  • Supports almost all Garmin handheld units manufactured since the early 90’s*
  • Continually updated to support the latest Garmin models
  • A universal GPS import utility for other makes
  • Supports GPX file format exchange
  • Supports a number of Smartphone GPS apps
  • The most popular handheld units are the Garmin 60, 62, Dakota and Oregon series. Numerous other models are also supported such as 72, 78, Montana, eTrex series.
3D Mapping
  • 3D distance calculations
  • Line profile graphs with static water pressure calculations
  • Flood / inundation modelling
  • Most of NZ has 3D data available.