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Phoenix Production

Phoenix Production is a suite of farm recording and management software that carries on the tradition of excellence and service that the Phoenix Financial software has created since 1986. Phoenix Production comprises four modules that function together as an integrated farm management system.
It is designed to integrate with the Phoenix Financial management program however each or all of the Phoenix Production modules can be operated independently if preferred. The choice is yours. You can select from the modules below.


Mapping  $500 + GST
Creates property maps for any given information types. This extends to Property plans, Vegetation maps, PMAV, paddocks, virtually anything! Integration with GPS and other Phoenix products.


Phoenix Livestock  $500 + GST
A complete production recording system for livestock with detailed individual animal history for full traceability. Download information from data collection devices (wands, panel readers, scale indicators, etc) and the MLA database. Grazing records, live weight performance and production performance are key feature
Phoenix Livestock

Phoenix Grazing  $500 + GST
Monitor land management practices for a more sustainable grazing operation.  Calculates carrying capacity, plan stocking schedules, identify grazing rotations factoring for paddock recovery periods, quantify pasture productivity.

Phoenix Grazing

Phoenix Cropping  $500 + GST
Records production details with costs, income, gross margin, chemical, seed, production inventory, water storage calculations with graphs and QA compliant.

Phoenix Cropping