Phoenix Power Budgets

Phoenix Power Budgets expands on Budget Planner, which included as standard with Phoenix Lite and Phoenix Gateway, and allows the user to take their budgeting to another level. For those users who really want to make their budgets work for them then Power Budgets is the answer.

Budget GST Inclusive or Exclusive and easily switch between the Two

When you start a new Power Budget, the user is asked to nominate whether the budget is to be GST Inclusive or Exclusive. Once specified the user then creates their budget as required. The user is then able to switch to the alternative GST view with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

  • Provides the flexibility of the business manager to budget GST Inclusive for Cash flow purposes, while still offering the convenience to quickly switch to a GST Exclusive budget for the Accountant or Bank Manager

Automatic Progressive GST Projections
Phoenix Power Budgets calculates the GST implication of every budget entry. It also displays the total monthly GST Paid & Collected whilst projecting the monthly or quarterly GST remittance or refund that will be applicable when lodging BAS returns. The most impressive feature is its ability to show the progress of the GST situation automatically as you create your budget. You will appreciate the benefit of more accurate cash flow projections as they are calculated and displayed while you work on your budget.

  • GST liability is automatically updated as each entry is made or edited
  • Running projection of GST Received and GST Paid 
  • Net Worth changes are automatically displayed to provide the complete picture 

Enterprise Worksheets and Multiple Worksheets Windows

Separate worksheets are provided for each activity of your business. Now you can simultaneously plan the production and cash flow for each individual enterprise. Without further input from the user, Phoenix will simultaneously maintain a cash flow report of the overall impact on your business. Phoenix Power Budgets allows you to display many enterprise cash flow and production sheets on the screen simultaneously. This means you can plan each enterprise within your business individually and still see in real time, the overall effect on your cash flow. Even the GST implication of every entry is calculated and displayed as you are making the entry. 

Phoenix Power Budgets also gives you the ability to compare one enterprise or scenario to another, one year to another or any budget to actual results for any enterprise or combinations of enterprises. These sheets can be individually updated to suit changing circumstances and to show the result in the overall farm or business budget simultaneously. Budget sheets can be saved individually, or as part of a complete budget. This means that individual enterprise budgets can be developed and incorporated into any number of overall business budgets.


  • Plan production and cash flow independently for each enterprise. 
  • Multiple enterprise budget sheets can be viewed simultaneously. 
  • Each enterprise worksheet automatically updates the main budget. 
  • The main budget remains visible as it is automatically updated. 
  • Plan and edit yields, number of head, market prices, variable costs etc and update at any time.
  • Save time when budgeting with enterprise worksheets. 
  • Share enterprise worksheets between other budgets. 
  • Compare various enterprise worksheets. 
  • Compare Budget to Actual figures.

You can see the differences between the three levels of financial products in the Program Feature Comparison.