Phoenix Gateway

If you require an easy to use solution to fulfil your farm business management requirements, then Phoenix Gateway is for you.

The flexibility of the system enables it to be utilised in all levels of business. From the small “one person” operation through to large scale corporate entities.

While Phoenix Gateway can grow with your business to meet your needs, it also allows you to attain a new level of efficiency in your record keeping. Phoenix Gateway offers a range of features to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend doing bookwork.

The array of convenient features and utilities built into Phoenix Gateway has been designed with ease of use in mind. Whether customising the way information is viewed on screen, the way reports are shown or the layout of your invoices, there are features to make the program suit you.

Take control of your business finances and plan ahead for greater profits with Phoenix Gateway.

  • Cash or Accrual Accounting
  • Notify Suppliers of payments you have just made via Email or Fax
  • Quick & Simple Setup Wizard
  • Quickly & Easily produce a GST Return at the end of the GST period
  • Simple & Automated Data Entry
  • Backup & Restore your data to a variety of media types as well as directly to email
  • Enterprise Management
  • Simple Write-Off function to remove those un-presented cheques
  • Schedule Transactions
  • Convenient search utilities throughout the program
  • Record Transactions directly from your Downloaded Bank Statement
  • Archive Utility
  • Debtors & Creditors including Tax Invoice Creation
  • Easy Examination of Records via convenient Reporting
  • Recipient Created Tax Invoices
  • User Definable Reporting including Drill Downs
  • Customisable Invoice & Statement Layouts
  • Report on any period within your data
  • Automatically Generate a Payments List from the Current Supplier Balance
  • Integrated Cash flow Budgeting
  • Integrated Asset & Liability Accounts
  • Production Planning
  • Integrated Livestock & Commodity Accounts
  • Ability to integrate with the more powerful Phoenix Power Budgets
  • Ability to Integrate with Phoenix Production
  • Record Notes & even images against transactions
  • Email Reports, Invoices and Statements directly from Phoenix
  • Loans & Tax Advantage Assessments
  • No need to `Roll Over` at the end of the Financial Year
  • Free Live Updates
  • Generate Electronic Funds Transfer from within Phoenix
  • 12 Months Free Support