Phoenix Accounting Software

                Do your accounts look like this?
 Messey Office

At FarmTech Solutions, we can help.  We are the New Zealand dealers for Phoenix Gateway Accounting suite, with some great new features to help you easily manage your accounts. Phoenix Gateway is 100% designed for use by farmers, unlike other commercial programs.

We will even give your accountant a free copy, so that end of year accounts are painless.


Phoenix Gateway Lite is an affordable easy to use Cashbook, which will allow you to clean up all those bits of paper and hide them away inside your computer.

Phoenix Gateway is a fully features accrual accounting package. PowerBudgets, allows you to easily integrate your financial budgets into your overall business planning.

Note Phoenix Gateway intergrates with other productions modules, for example the stock module information can be automatically liked to your Profit and Loss. 

Phoenix Gatway supports the following NZ Banks:-

National Bank, ANZ, BNZ, Rabobank, ASB, Westpac and TSB.


Call FarmTech today 021 446800  and we will send you out a demo CD. Included on the CD are some simple “get you started” training videos.


Phoenix Gateway Lite (Cashbook)—only $ 495.00 + GST. 

Phoenix Gateway (Full Accrual Accounting Package) - $ 995.00 + GST

No additional yearly subscriptions or support fees are required.

Online version available so you can access and process your data from many more locations than just your computer.